Набор строительный (кубики) AMS

Набор строительный (кубики) AMS

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Набор строительный (кубики) AMS

AMS Blocks Set - 37 pieces - wood. These unique blocks are made by hand in the anthroposophical living and working community in Birkenhof, Germany. The wood is from Alder trees in the immediate environment and for every tree that is used, another tree get planted immediatly.. This unique AMS 37 piece set feels and looks very pure and natural from the bark to the various blocks. The blocks themselves have all natural shapes and are rounded, you will find the natural form of the tree bark in each block. In the set, comprehensive and specially selected by us, you will find each piece in our set of blocks is entirely unique in shape and size. All blocks are pre-treated with vegetable oil. By their form and dimensions; they are ideal toys for toddlers, really a set which not only apeals to the imagination and creativity but also the senses, such as the sense of touch.. For maintenance we recommend these blocks to be treated once a year with oil.. Due to limited production, we cannot guarantee that the blocks are always in stock.

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