Петропавловский собор. Усыпальница Императорскогого дома (на английском языке)

Петропавловский собор и усыпальница императорского дома Романовых (на английском языке)

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Год издания: 2006
Страниц: 160
Формат : 210*260
ISBN : Отсутствует

Петропавловский собор. Усыпальница Императорскогого дома (на английском языке)

Saint Peter and Paul Cathedral is one of the main sanctuaries of Saint-Petersburg and a symbol of the northern capital. Today the Neva banks panorama can be hardly imagined without Saint Peter and Paul Cathedrals sharp gilded steeple, crowned with the figure of an angel - the guardian of the city. A special place among Petersburg churches has always belonged to the cathedral named after the patron saint of Petersburg - Saint Peter the Apostle. The burial place of the Russian Imperial Family, the military honour memorial of Russia, the citys metropolitan cathedral - from the day of its foundation the cathedral has been an important center not only for religious, but also for state and socio-political life of the new capital of the Russian Empire.

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