Держатель для 15-20 кистей

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Держатель для 15-20 кистей

Brush Holder for 15-20 Brushes - Wood. ash wood, size: 61x11x7 cm. To enjoy and get the most out of your beautiful brushes it is essential that they are properly stored after each use. The only way this should be done is to store them vertical with the hair down so that the water can drain. This is very important, because water left in and on the brush, will dissolve the lacquer and the glue. This creates not only cracks in the lacquer, but also eventually, the hairs will fall out. This Ash wooden brush holder is easy to mount with 2 screws, takes very little space and has room for 15-20 brushes, depending on the thickness. With the thick rubber band it is possible to fit brushes of different dimensions and thickness side by side. The holder is painted with a transparent lacquer. 61x11x7 cm. (24x4,3x2,8 inch)

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