Открытки набор "Цветы"

Открытки набор Цветы

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Открытки набор "Цветы"

Assortment Flower - Postcards - by Marjan van Zeyl. 13 postcards assorted, 11.7x17.3 cm. The beautiful pictures of the Dutch painter Marjan van Zeyl are full of atmosphere, and have a rich symbolic language. Fairy tale motifs, seasons and seasonal festivals are based on a world which is known and treasured by children and which nurtures their soul.. Marjan van Zeyl has painted wonderful flowers for this assortment of postcards. A pretty swan and a dove complement the charismatic atmosphere.. The assortment contains the following postcards:. Poppy. Peony. English Roses. Swan. Wild Roses. Nasturtium. Pink House. Primroses. Violets. Anemone. Sunflower. Christmas Flower. Dove of peace

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