Открытки набор "Люди мира"

Открытки набор Люди мира

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Открытки набор "Люди мира"

Assortment Cultures of the World - Postcards - by Marjan van Zeyl. 15 postcards assorted, 11.7x17.3 cm. The beautiful pictures of the Dutch painter Marjan van Zeyl are full of atmosphere, and have a rich symbolic language.. Children respond well to the warm-hearted pictures which invite you to get to know the people of the world, for example the Tuareg and their camels.. This assortment contains the following postcards:. Mud Mosque Djenne. Imam near Mosque. In the Mosque. Muslim in front of the Mosque. Tuareg with Camels. Boy in Piroque Niger Bank. Boy with Dogon Cap. Typical Rajasthan Boy. Man in Samode Haveli Palace. Woman with armfuls of bangles. Woman with Hair Adornment. Maya Indians on the Flower Market. Maya Indians with Tzut und Huipil. Maya Indians. Maya Indian with Child

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