Открытки набор "Дети"

Открытки набор Дети

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Открытки набор "Дети"

Assortment Children - Postcards - by Marjan van Zeyl. 14 postcards assorted, 10.7x15 cm. The beautiful pictures of the Dutch painter Marjan van Zeyl are full of atmosphere, and have a rich symbolic language. The pictures are based on a world which is known and treasured by children and which nurtures their soul.. This assortment contains the following postcards:. Startalers. Sledging. Gathering Flowers. Swinging. Skipping Rope. Soapbubbles. Dog with Ball. Fishing nets. Under mothers umbrella. Look at the little birds. Thirsty flowers. Riding with the dolls. Tea party with dolls. Autumn Forest

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