Открытки набор "Времена года"

Открытки набор Времена года

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Издательство: Mercurius

Открытки набор "Времена года"

Assortment Seasons - Postcards - by Marjan van Zeyl. 14 postcards assorted, 10.7x15 cm. Seasons and seasonal festivals like Johanni and Martinmas are the basis for this series of postcards by Marjan van Zeyl. Capturing their essence and mood for her pictures, the Dutch painter designed the cards in an artistic and particularly child-friendly way. This series combines well with the spring/summer series and the seasonal festivals, giving a complete overview of the years seasonal events.. The assortment contains the following postcards:. Father Christmas. Autumn. Fly a Kite. St. Martinus Lantern. Steamer with St. Nicolas. Christmas Night. The Holy Family. Happy Easter. St. Johns wreath of Flowers. Spring Butterfly. Spring-Chicken with Dwarf. Summer Mouse with Dwarf. Summer Snail with Dwarf. Winter Robin with Dwarf

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