Открытки набор "Весна и лето"

Открытки набор Весна и лето

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Издательство: Mercurius

Открытки набор "Весна и лето"

Assortment Spring and Summer - Postcards - by Marjan van Zeyl. 15 postcards assorted, 10.7x15 cm. The beautiful pictures of the Dutch painter Marjan van Zeyl are full of atmosphere, and have a rich symbolic language. Fairy tale motifs, seasons and seasonal festivals are based on a world which is known and treasured by children and which nurtures their soul.. Friendly and artistic pictures for spring and summer you can find in thias assortment. Motifs such as the lamb, cock and hen with chicks or the summers birthday celebration appeal to children and inspire their imagination.. The assortment contains the following postcards:. Grape Hyacinth. Lamp. The Stork. Play The Violin. Cock With Hen & Chickens. Little White Horse. Blue Butterflies. Tulips. Red Anemone. Playing In The Sea. On The Beach. Birthday. Childrens Party. Punch and Judy Show. Balloons

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