Рекордер Моленхауер для вальдорфа барок. 432 Гц

Рекордер Моленхауер для вальдорфа барок. 432 Гц

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Рекордер Моленхауер для вальдорфа барок. 432 Гц

pear wood, Range: c-c, accessories: Cotton roll bag, cleaning rod with leather cloth, tin of grease, fingering chart.. An easy introduction to the recorder. With its wide bore and well placed finger holes, the instrument has an amazingly full and rich sound, absolutely ideal for the classroom. In the design of the head joint we paid special attention to the ease of tone production and articulation.. The shape of the instrument was, unusually, designed according to both ergonomic and orthodontic principles and draws on an immense experience of the manufacture of reliable and beautiful school instruments. With the help of experienced Waldorf teachers, musicians of the Freie Musikschule Hamburg (Free Music School of Hamburg) and the Education Research Institute of the Free Waldorf Schools Association, a number of instruments were created, which are particularly suitable for practical music making.

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