Металлофон диатонический 12 тонов (Auris)

Металлофон диатонический 12 тонов (Auris)

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Металлофон диатонический 12 тонов (Auris)

Auris glockenspiel diatonic - rounded - 12 tone. maple wood, 12 brass plates, with 3 mallets (wood, rubber, plastic), range: C6-G7. The chime bars of the Auris Glockenspiel consist of a metal alloy. They are coated with a fine layer of beeswax which enhances the soft, natural shine of the brass. The resonating body made of maple wood is treated with wood varnish and beeswax polish. The Glockenspiels are very finely tuned and have a clear, pure overtone. With their crystal clear and spherical tones they create a particularly lovely sound experience.

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