Акварель в тубе W&N Cotman - 21мл - light red

Акварель в тубе W&N Cotman - 21мл - light red

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Акварель в тубе W&N Cotman - 21мл - light red

Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolours - single colours - 21 ml. The Winsor & Newton Cotman Artists Watercolour Paints have a long-standing tradition. In 1832, they produced the first moist watercolours, made in a pan using glycerine. Since then it has been Winsor & Newtons duty to produce perfect watercolours using the largest possible selection of fade-resistant pigments. As a result, the colours retain optimum brilliance, purity and transparency. Almost all the colours are single pigment and virtually all, with reference to their lightfastness, are classed as permanent. In order to retain their colour intensity, some of the pigments are ground by hand. Carefully chosen raw materials, specific manufacturing processes and modern pigment technology ensure that Winsor & Newtonss Watercolour Paints are a favourite among artists.

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