Кисть AMS (АМС), искусственная - 10мм

Кисть AMS (АМС), искусственная - 10мм

308 руб.

Нет в наличии
Самовывоз из офиса в СПб: 23.02
Доставим по СПб: 24.02
Доставим по Москве: 25.02
О сроках доставки в другие города уточняйте по телефону.

Кисть AMS (АМС), искусственная - 10мм

Groundbreaking development in the area of synthetic bristles:. The innovative Brislon brush series. This innovative oil and acrylic paint brush was developed in close cooperation with professional artists. The peculiarity of this new brush is the synthetic bristle. The single bristles are characterised by small artificial flags on their top. These flags lead to a superb painting performance and paint holding capacity. Together with a high elasticity and long durability the filaments are perfect for oil and acrylic painting.

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