Мяч медный для эвритмии, диам. 62 мм

Мяч медный для эвритмии, диам. 62 мм

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Мяч медный для эвритмии, диам. 62 мм

Eurythmy Copper Ball - diameter 40mm/1.57 inch. copper, diam. 40 mm, hammered. These handmade wrought copper balls are manufactured in manual work in a small workshop in South Germany. They are especially suitable for working in groups, e.g. for the playful gestures of taking and giving. Holding the eurythmy ball in the hand is especially stimulating for the senses of warmth and touch and is very relaxing during a work break. The standard eurythmy balls are hollow. The spring mounted balls give the impression that they carry an internal, spring mounted weight.

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