Бумага бамбуковая, 50*65 см, пак 250 листов

Бумага бамбуковая, 50*65 см, пак 250 листов

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Бумага бамбуковая, 50*65 см, пак 250 листов

250 sheets, 50x65 cm, 120 gsm, acid free. Bamboo paper is an inexhaustible resource; this paper is produced in an extremely environmentally friendly manner. Bamboo is not a type of wood, but it is rather a grass species that grows very rapidly. Bamboo with its rapid growth, demands an average of 2 to 2.5 times as much CO2 from the atmosphere as wood. This is a great way to help stop global warming. Bamboos roots do not die off after harvesting, which helps with soil erosion. Bamboo strips must first be placed in water for hours, if not weeks before they are cooked on a wood fire with H202 (Hydrogen peroxide). This bleaching process has the advantage of being non-harmful to the environment ways, by converting into water and oxygen during the cooking period. Although it is a drawback that it takes several hours before the bamboo is sufficiently bleached, it is very important to our environment that this technique is used. Bamboo is a 100% sustainable raw material, harvested as though you were mowing your grass. Bamboo is a rapid growing grass, the roots do not die off after harvesting which makes it easy for new shoots to grow from the already existing root system. After harvesting bamboo, it only takes a few months for the grass to grow back to the maximum length. In some species of bamboo this could be as tall as 30 meters high! A bamboo plant can be harvested multiple times a year. During the life cycle of bamboo, a plant can produce a whopping 15 kilometers of usable trunk. The harvesting of bamboo leads to additional growth, making the root system produce up to 40% more bamboo, then originally harvested. Without pesticides and economical with water With no natural antibacterial properties nor enemies, it is not necessary to use pesticides when growing bamboo. It is a fast growing grass that grows excellent in poor soil. Bamboo pits do not breed pesticides and use need little water to grow. Using Bamboo Paper The wet paper is easy to use, you do not need of a lot of water, a wet sponge is already sufficient enough. The water remains there as a layer, which also helps the paint to absorb as well. This paper does not tear and bubble when wet, and dries flat without having to adhere the edges. The suction force on the flat paint board, both the wood and plastic is great. When the paint mixes many shades arise, the colors are bright and vibrant even after they completely dry. The paper itself dries quickly with paint, and draws water into the paper so that it is safe and will not drip while being stored. The next day, it takes no effort to paint again in motion and allows the same painting to be worked multiple times.

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