Fluoric, Sulfatic and Fluorosulfatic Compounds of Group IV Elements: Forming & Properties

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Год издания: 2009
Страниц: 308
Формат : 60*90/16
Переплет :
ISBN : 978-5-02025-349-0


Motov D.L., Godneva M.M. Fluoric, Sulfatic and Fluorosulfatic Compounds of Group IV Elements: Form


The monograph deals with phase formation in sulfatefluoride aqueous systems of group IV element compounds, including demarcation of the areas of their existence and establishing their chemical composition and refractometric, roentgenometric, thermal, and IRspectroscopic characteristics. For a number of compounds their structure with elementary cell parameters as well as types of chemical bonds have been determined. All the currently known compounds (approximately 400 compounds belonging to 9 groups with 37 series) are compared with one another, which allowed to systematize and predict new compounds (about 30) corresponding to fluoro, sulfate, and fluorosulfate metallates of group IV elements with dissimilar outersphere cations. Some of these compounds are unique and may find wide application. The monograph consists of 8 chapters in which 21 physikochemical systems and 8 sections are examined explaining formation of compounds, including their comparative characteristics. The book is intended for researchers, engineers, highereducation teachers, postgraduate and students.

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